Monday, 6 September 2010

FOTD - Lucky Green

Hey hey hey! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I certainly did, The Husband was home from work for the weekend which was fab but now he has gone away again...sob. We had a super night out on Friday, lovely meal and many many cocktails. Anyway.....heres my Friday night makeup, it's actually the reverse of my Parfait Amour eyes and purple under eye liner.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
MAC Studio Fix Fluid
MAC MSF Medium Deep
MAC Minerlize Blush Gentle
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Tawny
MAC Lipstick Girl About Town
MAC Lipglass Lust

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC e/s Lucky Green
MAC e/s Phloof (inner corner, highlight and blend)
MAC Eyeliner in Smoulder
MAC e/s Parfait Amour
False lashes
MAC Mascara Zoom Fast Black Lash

I hope you like...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

FOTD - Parfait Amour

Hey hey hey! I hope everyone is having a good week...not long till the weekend - woo!
This is quite a colourful eye that I did for last Saturday night out.....just home from holidays and I had a wee bit of a tan to make use of! I was dying to use the new eyeshadows I'd got in duty free. I've also just got a new camera which I'm trying to figure out and the flash has bleached the colours out a little so I will try and fix that for future.
YSL Perfect Touch Foundation
YSL Tinted Veil tan Booster (mixed with foundation to darken)
MAC MSF in Medium Deep
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Tawny

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (as base)
MAC e/s Parfait Amour
MAC e/s Lucky Green
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
False Lashes (cheapie ones)

Using the eyeshadows over a black base gave a different depth to the colour and gave them a flip effect, catching the light really nicely (can't see it with my camera on these piccies unfortunately!)

I hope you like...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

FOTD - Hen Party Eyes

Hey chickapoos!
This was a look that I did when I went out on one of the Hen parties.....I had only gone to say hello as I was out wiht them the next night and did not intend on staying out......but I ended up rolling home at 4.30am.....I dont even have false lashes on!!!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
MAC MSF in Medium Plus & Medium Deep
Estee Lauder Bronzing Liquid
MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle

MAC Paintpot Painterly
MAC Pigment Vanilla
MAC e/s Stars and Rockets
MAC Pigment in Fuschia
MAC e/s Carbon

I hope you like....

FOTD - Golden Olive Eyes

Hey chickeees...

I hope everyone is well. I've got a few FOTDs that I would like to share with you so be prepared for an onslaught! This is the first one I'd like to show you....this is a very quick mid-week evening look I did. I love this colour even though I don't use it very much (really need to start making an effort to start using all my colours!).

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation
MAC MSF in Medium Plus & Medium Deep
MAC Blush in Springsheen

MAC Paintpot in Painterly (as base)
MAC e/s in Naked Lunch (inner eye and brow highlight)
MAC Pigment in Golden Olive (applied wet with MAC Fix+)
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion

I hope you like....

How Time Flies...

Hi all! I hope everyone is keeping well!

I cannot believe its been 3 weeks since I last updated here. So much has been happening, lots has changed so these last few weeks have totally flown by!

I had my two consecutive Hen parties, then I got tonsillitis (as you do in the summer!), then out of the blue The Husband got a new job. They wanted to him to start ASAP but we wanted to squeeze in a last minute holiday since we haven't been away since our honeymoon, we literally had to get away within two days so that he could get back to start the new job. Anyway, we went to Malta and had a fabulous time even though it was super scorchio hot, had lots of nice food, many many cocktails and met lots of nice people. So trying to get back to normal and into a new routine. The Husband is working away Monday to Friday (many tears from me, sob) so I have plenty of "Me" time to keep my blog up to date and maybe even start trying to do some tutorials (if i can figure out how to do it!).

I have lots of FOTDs to post and some reviews coming up so check back soon and I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Diet Update

So I have the first of two consecutive Hen parties this weekend (my poor liver!) so I am being very good indeed. I think I may even be making peace with the low carb thing (would've killed for a potato a few days ago!).
So I made a really yummy dinner tonight which I think is my new favourite thing. Chicken (again.......) with roasted mixed peppers and red onion, all roasted with half a tin of chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs. I am trying to make sure I drink plenty of water and try and feel as best I can for my big night out on Saturday, especially as I bought a new dress today and want to feel good.
On the exercise front I may have been a wee bit too eager as it would appear after several days of badminton I seem to have shin splints which are really frickin sore! Think I need to be careful and not so over zealous.

Anyway, roll on Thursday and hopefully the scales will have some good news for me!

Wish me luck......xx

FOTD - Goldey Bronze Eyes

Hey hey hey girlees!

Hope everyone is well and you're all having a good week so far. Just wanted to post this quick FOTD from Sunday. We were out for a friends birthday and it was Sunday so didn't want to go too crazy scary with the colours! I suppose this is a toned down Kim Kardashian type eye, obviously I'm nothing like her (apart from bum size) but I do really like her makeup, always fabulous.

The face products are the same as the Double Winged Liner FOTD. (I took this picture super quick as i was running out the door - dunno what I am doing with my mouth here, weird!)

Eye products:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

MAC Naked Lunch (inner corner and brow highlight)

MAC e/s in Bronze

MAC e/s in Woodwinked (crease and lower lashes)

MAC Kohl in Smolder

Urban Decay Liquid Liner

False Lashes

Hope you like girlees....

Ta for now.....xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

My little baby....(sorry in advance!)

I haven't posted anything for days and now there is an onslaught of randomness, I must apologise.
So as I mentioned earlier I was going through my photos and found these. This is baby! Now I don't want to sound like a crazy cat lady but I adore her and have so much fun with her. These are just a few pics I found of her (there are millions!) any box, bag or place that she shouldn't be she is!!

I should probably hang my head in shame as it would appear that my naughty drinking habits have rubbed off on her......

And last one.....I don't want to look like I'm showing off with this one (was doing this for insurance purposes) I just love her wee face in this one. I think she thinks I haven't noticed her!

Spot the odd one out!

OK, I've got the scary cat lady weirdness out of my system now....apologies again!
Bye for now chickees.......xx

How Good Am I?!

This is a bit of a random ramble but I feel the need to share. I was out gallivanting on Friday night, lots of drinkees were consumed and at the end of the night The Husband got fried chicken (some of which may have fallen accidentally into my mouth but frick it was tasty!). Anyway when we got home I, for once, remembered to take what we call "The Hangover Pack". The Husband works in Pharmaceuticals and his late brother (died form a brain tumour 3 years ago, God rest him) was a Pharmacist. Between them they came up with their version of a hangover cure which you take before you go to bed. Don't want to say what it is on here just in case I get in trouble but its all very safe over the counter tablets, i.e, paracetamol and a couple of other things for sickness.
So I took my tablets went to bed, had a lie in and got up feeling pretty fresh and very functional. So much so that I didn't have naughty hangover dinner that I would normally have and actually had grilled chicken and a big salad for my tea. Now I realise this might not sound ground-breaking but believe you me, for me it truly is!!! I was very proud of myself indeed!!!
This self-righteousness will be short lived as I'm starting to get ready to head out for a friends birthday this evening........let's hope I will be as good tomorrow as I was's hoping!!

Ta for now hunnies......xx

FOTD - Blue Sky

Hey there! Happy Sunday everyone!

I was just having a wee dig through my photos and found this FOTD from about 2 months ago (I had super long hair then). It's quite dramatic (possibly drag queen, lol) but I like really bright heavy looks when I go out at the weekend. Anyway...I hope you like it.

Face products:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW30
Chanel Bronze Universel
MAC MSF in Medium Deep
Benefit Perfect 10 (highlighter)
MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

Eye products:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Pigment in Mutiny (appleid wet with MAC Fix+)
MAC Mineralize e/s Trio in Sea & Sky
Urban Decay Eye Pencil in Zero
Darkest shade from Sea & Sky smudged over lower lashes
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
False lashes

Hope you like it chickees............xx

FOTD - Teal & Purple

Hey there gorgeous girlees....

I wanted to post this FOTD that I wore out last Saturday night. It's colour heavy but I quite like it, hope you do too...

Face Products:
YSL Perfect Touch Foundation in 8
Chanel Bronze Universel
MAC MSF Medium Deep
MAC Lustre Drops (teeeeeny amount)

Eye Products:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Pigment in Teal (applied wet with MAC Fix+)
MAC Pigment in Violet (in crease over teal)
MAC Pigment in Vanilla (inner eye and brow highlight)
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion (top lashes)
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (lower lashes)
MAC Teal & Violet Pigments smudged over kohl
False Lashes (cheapy random make)

I hope you like it......xx

Saturday, 31 July 2010

FOTD - Summery Bronze

Hey there chickees...

Here's a really quick and easy bronzey summer look.

Only a few products used here. Dior HydraAction tinted moisturiser, bronzer, MAC e/s in Bronze, a slick of black liner and mascara (think it's Too Faced Lash Injection). The lipgloss is Estee Lauder in Ginger Fizz.

Hope you like........xx

FOTD - Double Winged Eyeliner

I wanted to share this FOTD that I wore out last night. The photos aren't great so please excuse them (I either need a new camera or need to learn how to work this one). It's a double winged eye look. I find this a wee bit tricky ti get right but when you do I think it looks good, a bit different for a change.

(Please ignore my hair in this one, I'd just ruffled it and didnt realise it was sticking up all weird and crazy)
Face products used:
Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Base (love this)
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW30
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Bronzer
MAC MSF in Medium Deep
MAC Mineralize Blush in Glentle

Eye products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC e/s in Phloof (inner corner and brow bone highlight)
MAC Mineralize e/s Trio in Threesome
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (under eye and second wing)
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion (top liner)

Here's the MAC e/s Trio. Lovely colours but I have to say that the gold in the middle is very difficult to get that colour payoff and also theres a lot of fallout with it.

Hope you like girlees.......xx

Weigh Day!!!

So it was Weigh Day again on Thursday (they come round so quick!). Didn't do just as well this week but did lose 1.5 lbs although I did lose half an inch overall so actually pretty happy with that part.

Not been as strict as I should have been this week although I am still trying to keep my carbs to a minimum (except last Saturday night when I had a hangover and a load of yummy starchy carbs fell into my mouth!). My current favourite meal is seasoned chicken breast with roasted red, green and yellow peppers with red onion and courgette, very tasty and filling and very healthy. My water intake is so much better than it ever was and that coupled with all the fresh vegetables has had a great impact on my skin. It is so much clearer and I have had quite a few compliments which is lovely.

Also I've been working hard in the gym and playing badminton. I have had two really awesome sessions with my personal trainer who I have decided to continue seeing each week. She's been doing lots of core strength and posture work with me which is starting to make quite a difference (my posture is awful, very round shouldered and tummy muscles have just not been switched on before now).

So chicks that's where I'm up to. Stay tuned for next Thursday and wish me luck!


Friday, 23 July 2010

NOTD (sort of)

Two things. 1, my fabulous nail technician Amy FINALLY returned from holiday and not a moment too soon as I had broken five nails and was looking like an eejit. 2, this isn't really a NOTD, more like these are my nails, every day.

I have fortnightly acrylics, I'm not blessed enough to have lovely elegant nails that I can paint pretty colours like many of the beautiful beauty bloggers out there (believe me I'm very jealous). I have short stumpy sausage-like man fingers and to make matters worse I have nails that will not, despite any amount of vitamins and potions, grow to any decent length. So quite some time ago I resorted to acrylics and I can never go back, EVER! I know they aren't good for your natural nails but I yearn for lovely long elegant nails that don't break (generally mine don't, it was just sod's law because my nail girl was out of the country and I won't go to anyone else)

I love seeing all the gorgeous new colours and textures the other lovely bloggers are showing off while I just stick to my usual french manicure.....although I do change the tone of the white tips and the shape from time to time - how exciting! (hmmmm, maybe not)

I realise that was all pretty boring but I just had to vent.....

Ta for now chickees....xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Just a really quick eye look that I did today. I used some of the Urban Decay eye shadows that I got on sale at Boots (£3 each, apparently they are being discontinued).

I used MAC Painterly Paint Pot as a base, then a mix of Urban Decay Flipside e/s and Shattered Pigment and a quick slick of liquid liner.
Hope you like it...xx

Weigh Day!!!

It's Thursday again...that came around quickly! Good news again, I have lost 3 lbs this week! Soooooooo pleased indeed. Especially as I had three nights out over the weekend but I have been very well behaved since then, diet has been good and I've been working really hard in the gym.

I have two Hen weekends coming up, one right after the other I haven't been to a Hen do for years, apart from my own last year, and now I've got 2 together, seriously?! Anyhow, I want to get as much of a I can before then so I have altered my diet a little just for these two weeks. I am now replacing either my breakfast or lunch with a protein shake. It's high in protein, got next to zero carbs, very few calories and fills me up, it actually tastes nice too, just strawberry milkshake.

So that's how I'm doing, hopefully it will keep going the right direction!!


Monday, 19 July 2010

I Love Your Blog Award!

Just a very quick note to thank the gorgeous EllyBellyBaybee for choosing me for an I Love Your Blog very first award!! I so pleased and it's put a big smile on face today so thank you again sweetie. As part of this she has asked me to choose my 15 picks for the award so I will give it some careful thought and post it as soon as I can.

Keep an eye out for my picks chickees.....xx

Grrrrr!! Part 2

So in a previous post (see GRRRR!!) I explained that I was having issues with my gym and by way of apology they offered me two free Personal Training sessions. So I met with my new trainer and she was really nice, very friendly and energetic. We had a good chat about what I wasn't happy with and what I wanted to achieve and when (be 3 stone skinnier by this weekend please and thank you!!). So given all that she suggested firstly a one-to-one Power Plate session to makeup for the initial frick-up and then two further full PT sessions. Very happy indeed with that. Had a great lesson on the Power Plate, I am seriously loving this now that I know how to do it right, so ladies get thee on a Power Plate by any means possible!!!
So next PT session was booked for today at 1pm............get to the gym buzzing and rearing to go and lo and behold I'm told she's off today! Are you flippin kidding me?!?! Now maybe she made a wee mistake with her diary and if she did that's fine but seriously...they are supposed to be trying to appease me with all this not make me crosser! She's back in work on Wednesday so will sort it with her then...hopefully. Until then it's me and my new BFF Power Plate. I am going to be vibrating so bad I won't be able to sit!

Got to go ... my cat seems to be throwing up in the corner, nice!


Weigh Day!!!

(Just a quick note - this post has been sat in my drafts since last Thursday. Been really busy and had laptop issues so couldn't get it posted till now....sorry peeps)

So it's my self-imposed Weigh Day and good news all - I have 3 lbs off this week - woop woop!!! And I'm also very happy to report that I have lost an inch of my tummy and hips - more woops!!! I have been behaving although I do think I could be a tad stricter with my diet choices but as it stands I'm happy and the scales are going in the right direction. Even more shockingly for me is that I am really starting to enjoy exercising and going to the gym. That's mega big news for me!!

I'm feeling positive and very encouraged after a good weeks results. Long may it continue except that I'm a wee bit nervous as I have three nights out planned now but I will try to be as careful as I can (although under the influence of cocktails not sure how that will play out...) Oh well, just have to make a super big effort from Monday and do my thing in the gym......GRRRR!!!!!

Toodles peeps.....and wish me luck.....xx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


The title for this post should probably be "Tanorexic!". Seriously, I'm never done tanning and scrubbing and tanning again. I know there have been lots of tanning product reviews done across all the fabulous blogs out there but I've got to put my penny's worth in too.

Currently I am favouring four tans (frick that sounds a lot). I have weekend tans and midweek tans, that's how much time I spend tanning....or thinking about tanning. I don't know whether it's my pale Irish skin or the living in Liverpool (sorry Liverpool ladies I love you millions but tanning is crazeeeee in this part of the world) or maybe it's a mix of the two. weekend tan alternates between Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe and my newest discovery Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate. I like a dark tan and both of these deliver just that.

Xen Tan (£26.95) is lovely, smells gorgeous (The Husband is always complaining about tan stink), gorgeous olivey colour, applies easily and without streaks and fades very evenly.

Vita Liberata (£25) is a relatively new Irish make (have to support my fellow country peeps). There is no smell at all with this, honestly. And, it dries really really quickly. I find that all other brands stay a little tacky on my skin, but not this one. You could even go straight out (and I have) with this one on and it doesn't transfer either. The colour is very similar to Xen Tan, olivey, natural and not a flouro tango head in sight.

My midweek tan is St.Moritz. Been plenty of talk already about this one but at less than £3 it's my mid-week go to. It would cost me a fortune if I was using the other two all week every week! Good dark colour (I usually do two coats though), smells fine and lasts and fades pretty well. Certainly cannot complain at that price.

Lastly is St.Tropez Rapide Face. As it says on the tin it's for your face. The colour is good, I don't find it too heavy and it doesn't clog my pores like many others do and is quite moisturising. I use this probably every other night to keep a little glow going.

I will definitely continue to use each of these tans....rather that than real sun and premature wrinkles ladies!

I hope this helps chickees, get glowing safely......xx


So I was (unusually for me) really excited about going to the gym this morning as I had booked a PowerPlate class. I arranged my morning so that I could fit it in and when I got there the frickin instructor decided not to show up!!! I was not all!!!

Needless to say I had very stern words with the gym manager. Telling him that this sort of behaviour would not look favourable on my blog may have made him a wee bit nervous and after giving out buckets about the extortionate gym fees I pay, as an apology, he offered me two free personal training appointments. He doesn't need to know that The Husband has already organised my training plan, if they want to give me free things who am I to say no?! So tomorrow I will partake in my first personal training freebie. Good stuff!


My Personal Trainer

So far I've been a good girl all week (I know it's only Tuesday but one day at a time right?!). My eating plan has been OK, going easy on the carbs and really stepping up the exercise. The Husband, my personal trainer (lol), has been brimming with advice. I am trying to train early so that I am carb-depleted and he has devised me a plan doing a range of both weights and cardio. Apparently doing the weights before cardio uses the sugars up first so that when you do your cardio you start burning your fat stores (of which I have mucho!). For weights he has me training a different body part each day, so that you aren't sore in the same places every day (how kind of him) and they are mainly low weight/high reps. This is to be build longer, leaner muscle tone. I won't look like a body builder, hopefully more Jennifer Anniston (I can but dream right?!)

I hate cardio, I get so bored. Even with my Ipod on I have the attention span of a goldfish so I am using a range of different machines (cross trainer , treadmill, StairMaster) as well as varying the pace so that I don't get (as) bored. At the end I always use the PowerPlate to stretch out - I find this great for stretching out my legs and they are never sore the next day.

I have also signed up for some classes, mainly for the variety and to keep me interested. I had a PowerPlate class this morning, well I would have if the trainer had turned up so I just tried different things on my own. I'm doing Body Pump tomorrow (God help me!) and Fit2Flex class on Thursday. I am also starting to play badminton again. This may sound like a lot but I figure the more different things I do the more interested and exciting it will be and also my body won't get used to doing the same exercise over and over again.

I have taken all my measurements (arms, bust, tummy, hips, legs) so that as well as charting my weight loss I will be able to see inch loss too. I'm never gong to be a skinny girl, I'm a curvy girl, which I love, I have boobs and a big bum. If I can get to a healthy weight (my BMI says I need to lose 4 stone - scary!!!) and get in proportion I will be a very happy chickee!!!

So wish me luck and I will keep you up to date. I'd love to hear from you ...xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gym Makeup

Now I realise that going to the gym should not require any sort of makeup, especially in my case as I usually (if I've been doing anything constructive that is!) end up looking like a scary red tomato head with foundation sliding down my face, nice! I HATE going to the gym but unfortunately I HAVE to go. I usually feel quite self-conscious mainly because I am not a skinny malinky like many of the ladies in my gym are, but that's half the reason I'm going though isn't it?! My gym is also a bit of a posing palace though, very annoying, so even more reason for me to feel intimidated. So, in my head, if I can feel like I look half decent to start of with then I feel better and hopefully more focused for the painful hour that I will spend there.

Anyhooo, I have just about run out of my lovely Dior HydraAction Skin Tint. I have been looking for something similar as it's a wee bit on the pricey side for something that will end up running down my face so I thought I would give the Nivea tinted moisturiser a go and at only £3 I don't have much to lose. It only comes in one colour, Natural, which is a bit on the pale side if I have any tan on but otherwise is fine. The coverage is actually pretty good, it evens my skin tone, feels comforting and remarkably a lot if it still remains on my face after a gym sesh. All in all, pretty impressed.

So these are the products I use for a super quick and easy gym face, takes me five minutes and I feel a little less scary for it.

Nivea Tinted Day Cream in Natural
MAC MSF Natural
MAC Sheertone Blush in Springsheen
Urban Decay e/s in Sin (I Love this!)
MAC Eyeliner in Coffee
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Anyway to the gym I go!! xx

Aldi Lacura skincare

I really have to share how impressed I am with this. I have to be totally honest and say that I had no great expectations for this despite how many good reviews I have read. I bought three of the products about a month ago; the Multi Intensive Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Wrinkle Stop and OMG...very impressed indeed!

I am definitely most impressed with the Multi Intensive Serum. I had been having problems with my skin for a couple of months with dry and slightly inflamed patches, especially my right cheek for some reason, which no amount of exfoliating (gentle or otherwise) would sort and my normally trusty Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus was just not cutting it. All things considered I was testing my new products under pretty harsh conditions.

According to the label you can use the Serum on its own or under your moisturiser. For the most part I have found this to work well on it's own but on the days I have needed a little extra help I have applied a tiny amount of the Day Cream only where needed. Result - dry patches are gone and my skin is much more even toned and definitely firmer and clearer. For £3,49 I think this is beyond awesome and have been telling anyone who will listen about it.

The Wrinkle Stop contains SYN-AKE, a synthetic snake venom which replicates the effects of Botox, all be it on a much reduced scale. To be fair I have not been using this religiously (it says use morning and evening), I have been using it once a day on most days. Still I am impressed. I do see and slight tightening and increased smoothness on my forehead and around the eye area.

In terms of all the products, for someone who can have slightly sensitive skin I am impressed and will continue to use these products. I have also heard that Aldi have an under eye brightener similar to Touch Eclat but in a wider selection of colours which I want to try so will do a review on that at some point soon. I find Touche Eclat to be a little grey on my skin so keen to see how Aldi compare.

I would love to know if any of you have tried these and what your thoughts are.

Toodles peeps....x

Peace & quiet and plans for the week

The weekend's shenanigans are all but over, my house is spotless and the husband is watching the football so I finally have some sshhhh time. I cant believe I'm saying this but I'm glad it's Monday tomorrow. I have lots of work to do and I can get back to my healthy eating and gyming again. If I can behave with my eating all week then I can relax at the weekend, because when there are drinkees then there follows bad food (usually of the fried variety), I cant help it!

I started last week trying to really step up with the healthy eating and exercising. I didn't do too badly considering I had 3 nights out, one of which involved a very nice dinner out. I lost 1.5 lbs which wasn't too bad but I intend to do much better this week.

I am following the principles of Slimming World but without attending the class. I have done it a few times before so I know how to do it and I know people tell how great the classes are but I can't always commit to a set class and am not paying for not going! As most of you know and for those who don't the main principles consist of Red or Green days (there is the Extra Easy too but this doesn't work as well for me). Red days are simply higher in protein with a small measured amount of carbs and Green days are higher in carbs with a small measured amount of protein. Of course (most) vegetables and fruit are unlimited and it is recommended that you fill up with these You can also have treats which I limit in the week as much as I can so that I can relax at the weekends. For me the Red days seem to work better for me; high protein low carb. Carbs are my enemy but I love them but reducing them does help shift my weight a little faster and really reduces bloating (that's such a lovely word).

Also, I will be aiming to be in the gym or at least using my Wii Fit 5 days a week. My husband has done a work out plan for me as he and his friend (a former Mr UK) do quite a bit of weight training. Between them they have lots of good advice and tips and tricks but I will tell you about these later in the week.

Thursday will be my Weigh Day (woo!) so I will share my progress with you and also some daily meal plans and any nifty wee recipes I think will be useful.

Wish me luck.....xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I've been a good girl with my diet all day today...until now that is. So, I've decided to do a wee quick post in the hope that it will keep my fingers busy rather reaching for the biscuits. This time of day is often a problem. I've had my dinner (chicken breast with mixed peppers and rice), and this is the time where I always have a cup of tea and sit down and chillax. BUT, with the tea I always want something sweet!! I think I will have half a biscuit and ration the other half for later. As soon as my head thinks I CAN'T have something then I WANT it even more so I hope this works.

Tomorrow I will to do a proper post on what diet plan I'm (trying) to follow.

Ta for now chickees...x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

And so it begins...

Hi there all...

Just a wee introductory post for now. I have been intending to start this blog for soooo long now but with one thing or another I didn't get round to it. It won't be rocket science just my musings on life, girly things - mostly makeup (whoop!) and (cue scary music)......dieting.

I'm hoping this will be an outlet for the seriousness and stress of everyday life and I am really hoping that it will be (hoping for a miracle here) a way to jump start my shocking lack of motivation to lose a little (ok lot of) weight - believe you me I need to but more on that another time.

So I'm talking about weight loss here while I'm just about to go get ready for a wee evening out...naughty beverages will be had.......maybe I'll start the diet tomorrow....(you will see this as being a major pattern/problem in my world!

Toodles for now peeps and I would love any support, tips or encouragement along the way....xx