Tuesday, 13 July 2010


The title for this post should probably be "Tanorexic!". Seriously, I'm never done tanning and scrubbing and tanning again. I know there have been lots of tanning product reviews done across all the fabulous blogs out there but I've got to put my penny's worth in too.

Currently I am favouring four tans (frick that sounds a lot). I have weekend tans and midweek tans, that's how much time I spend tanning....or thinking about tanning. I don't know whether it's my pale Irish skin or the living in Liverpool (sorry Liverpool ladies I love you millions but tanning is crazeeeee in this part of the world) or maybe it's a mix of the two.

Anyhoo....my weekend tan alternates between Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe and my newest discovery Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate. I like a dark tan and both of these deliver just that.

Xen Tan (£26.95) is lovely, smells gorgeous (The Husband is always complaining about tan stink), gorgeous olivey colour, applies easily and without streaks and fades very evenly.

Vita Liberata (£25) is a relatively new Irish make (have to support my fellow country peeps). There is no smell at all with this, honestly. And, it dries really really quickly. I find that all other brands stay a little tacky on my skin, but not this one. You could even go straight out (and I have) with this one on and it doesn't transfer either. The colour is very similar to Xen Tan, olivey, natural and not a flouro tango head in sight.

My midweek tan is St.Moritz. Been plenty of talk already about this one but at less than £3 it's my mid-week go to. It would cost me a fortune if I was using the other two all week every week! Good dark colour (I usually do two coats though), smells fine and lasts and fades pretty well. Certainly cannot complain at that price.

Lastly is St.Tropez Rapide Face. As it says on the tin it's for your face. The colour is good, I don't find it too heavy and it doesn't clog my pores like many others do and is quite moisturising. I use this probably every other night to keep a little glow going.

I will definitely continue to use each of these tans....rather that than real sun and premature wrinkles ladies!

I hope this helps chickees, get glowing safely......xx


  1. Great Post - Xen Tan is a fab brand and I also like the St Tropez Spray tan.

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