Monday, 19 July 2010

Weigh Day!!!

(Just a quick note - this post has been sat in my drafts since last Thursday. Been really busy and had laptop issues so couldn't get it posted till now....sorry peeps)

So it's my self-imposed Weigh Day and good news all - I have 3 lbs off this week - woop woop!!! And I'm also very happy to report that I have lost an inch of my tummy and hips - more woops!!! I have been behaving although I do think I could be a tad stricter with my diet choices but as it stands I'm happy and the scales are going in the right direction. Even more shockingly for me is that I am really starting to enjoy exercising and going to the gym. That's mega big news for me!!

I'm feeling positive and very encouraged after a good weeks results. Long may it continue except that I'm a wee bit nervous as I have three nights out planned now but I will try to be as careful as I can (although under the influence of cocktails not sure how that will play out...) Oh well, just have to make a super big effort from Monday and do my thing in the gym......GRRRR!!!!!

Toodles peeps.....and wish me luck.....xx

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