Sunday, 11 July 2010

Aldi Lacura skincare

I really have to share how impressed I am with this. I have to be totally honest and say that I had no great expectations for this despite how many good reviews I have read. I bought three of the products about a month ago; the Multi Intensive Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Wrinkle Stop and OMG...very impressed indeed!

I am definitely most impressed with the Multi Intensive Serum. I had been having problems with my skin for a couple of months with dry and slightly inflamed patches, especially my right cheek for some reason, which no amount of exfoliating (gentle or otherwise) would sort and my normally trusty Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus was just not cutting it. All things considered I was testing my new products under pretty harsh conditions.

According to the label you can use the Serum on its own or under your moisturiser. For the most part I have found this to work well on it's own but on the days I have needed a little extra help I have applied a tiny amount of the Day Cream only where needed. Result - dry patches are gone and my skin is much more even toned and definitely firmer and clearer. For £3,49 I think this is beyond awesome and have been telling anyone who will listen about it.

The Wrinkle Stop contains SYN-AKE, a synthetic snake venom which replicates the effects of Botox, all be it on a much reduced scale. To be fair I have not been using this religiously (it says use morning and evening), I have been using it once a day on most days. Still I am impressed. I do see and slight tightening and increased smoothness on my forehead and around the eye area.

In terms of all the products, for someone who can have slightly sensitive skin I am impressed and will continue to use these products. I have also heard that Aldi have an under eye brightener similar to Touch Eclat but in a wider selection of colours which I want to try so will do a review on that at some point soon. I find Touche Eclat to be a little grey on my skin so keen to see how Aldi compare.

I would love to know if any of you have tried these and what your thoughts are.

Toodles peeps....x

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