Sunday, 1 August 2010

How Good Am I?!

This is a bit of a random ramble but I feel the need to share. I was out gallivanting on Friday night, lots of drinkees were consumed and at the end of the night The Husband got fried chicken (some of which may have fallen accidentally into my mouth but frick it was tasty!). Anyway when we got home I, for once, remembered to take what we call "The Hangover Pack". The Husband works in Pharmaceuticals and his late brother (died form a brain tumour 3 years ago, God rest him) was a Pharmacist. Between them they came up with their version of a hangover cure which you take before you go to bed. Don't want to say what it is on here just in case I get in trouble but its all very safe over the counter tablets, i.e, paracetamol and a couple of other things for sickness.
So I took my tablets went to bed, had a lie in and got up feeling pretty fresh and very functional. So much so that I didn't have naughty hangover dinner that I would normally have and actually had grilled chicken and a big salad for my tea. Now I realise this might not sound ground-breaking but believe you me, for me it truly is!!! I was very proud of myself indeed!!!
This self-righteousness will be short lived as I'm starting to get ready to head out for a friends birthday this evening........let's hope I will be as good tomorrow as I was's hoping!!

Ta for now hunnies......xx

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