Friday, 23 July 2010

NOTD (sort of)

Two things. 1, my fabulous nail technician Amy FINALLY returned from holiday and not a moment too soon as I had broken five nails and was looking like an eejit. 2, this isn't really a NOTD, more like these are my nails, every day.

I have fortnightly acrylics, I'm not blessed enough to have lovely elegant nails that I can paint pretty colours like many of the beautiful beauty bloggers out there (believe me I'm very jealous). I have short stumpy sausage-like man fingers and to make matters worse I have nails that will not, despite any amount of vitamins and potions, grow to any decent length. So quite some time ago I resorted to acrylics and I can never go back, EVER! I know they aren't good for your natural nails but I yearn for lovely long elegant nails that don't break (generally mine don't, it was just sod's law because my nail girl was out of the country and I won't go to anyone else)

I love seeing all the gorgeous new colours and textures the other lovely bloggers are showing off while I just stick to my usual french manicure.....although I do change the tone of the white tips and the shape from time to time - how exciting! (hmmmm, maybe not)

I realise that was all pretty boring but I just had to vent.....

Ta for now chickees....xx

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  1. haha, eejit! I thought that was a Scottish word, obv not lol.