Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Personal Trainer

So far I've been a good girl all week (I know it's only Tuesday but one day at a time right?!). My eating plan has been OK, going easy on the carbs and really stepping up the exercise. The Husband, my personal trainer (lol), has been brimming with advice. I am trying to train early so that I am carb-depleted and he has devised me a plan doing a range of both weights and cardio. Apparently doing the weights before cardio uses the sugars up first so that when you do your cardio you start burning your fat stores (of which I have mucho!). For weights he has me training a different body part each day, so that you aren't sore in the same places every day (how kind of him) and they are mainly low weight/high reps. This is to be build longer, leaner muscle tone. I won't look like a body builder, hopefully more Jennifer Anniston (I can but dream right?!)

I hate cardio, I get so bored. Even with my Ipod on I have the attention span of a goldfish so I am using a range of different machines (cross trainer , treadmill, StairMaster) as well as varying the pace so that I don't get (as) bored. At the end I always use the PowerPlate to stretch out - I find this great for stretching out my legs and they are never sore the next day.

I have also signed up for some classes, mainly for the variety and to keep me interested. I had a PowerPlate class this morning, well I would have if the trainer had turned up so I just tried different things on my own. I'm doing Body Pump tomorrow (God help me!) and Fit2Flex class on Thursday. I am also starting to play badminton again. This may sound like a lot but I figure the more different things I do the more interested and exciting it will be and also my body won't get used to doing the same exercise over and over again.

I have taken all my measurements (arms, bust, tummy, hips, legs) so that as well as charting my weight loss I will be able to see inch loss too. I'm never gong to be a skinny girl, I'm a curvy girl, which I love, I have boobs and a big bum. If I can get to a healthy weight (my BMI says I need to lose 4 stone - scary!!!) and get in proportion I will be a very happy chickee!!!

So wish me luck and I will keep you up to date. I'd love to hear from you ...xx

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