Saturday, 31 July 2010

Weigh Day!!!

So it was Weigh Day again on Thursday (they come round so quick!). Didn't do just as well this week but did lose 1.5 lbs although I did lose half an inch overall so actually pretty happy with that part.

Not been as strict as I should have been this week although I am still trying to keep my carbs to a minimum (except last Saturday night when I had a hangover and a load of yummy starchy carbs fell into my mouth!). My current favourite meal is seasoned chicken breast with roasted red, green and yellow peppers with red onion and courgette, very tasty and filling and very healthy. My water intake is so much better than it ever was and that coupled with all the fresh vegetables has had a great impact on my skin. It is so much clearer and I have had quite a few compliments which is lovely.

Also I've been working hard in the gym and playing badminton. I have had two really awesome sessions with my personal trainer who I have decided to continue seeing each week. She's been doing lots of core strength and posture work with me which is starting to make quite a difference (my posture is awful, very round shouldered and tummy muscles have just not been switched on before now).

So chicks that's where I'm up to. Stay tuned for next Thursday and wish me luck!


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  1. You're doing great hun! Keep it up! I no how hard it can be, Im doing my own weight loss on my blog and it can be hard! Lisa xx