Monday, 19 July 2010

Grrrrr!! Part 2

So in a previous post (see GRRRR!!) I explained that I was having issues with my gym and by way of apology they offered me two free Personal Training sessions. So I met with my new trainer and she was really nice, very friendly and energetic. We had a good chat about what I wasn't happy with and what I wanted to achieve and when (be 3 stone skinnier by this weekend please and thank you!!). So given all that she suggested firstly a one-to-one Power Plate session to makeup for the initial frick-up and then two further full PT sessions. Very happy indeed with that. Had a great lesson on the Power Plate, I am seriously loving this now that I know how to do it right, so ladies get thee on a Power Plate by any means possible!!!
So next PT session was booked for today at 1pm............get to the gym buzzing and rearing to go and lo and behold I'm told she's off today! Are you flippin kidding me?!?! Now maybe she made a wee mistake with her diary and if she did that's fine but seriously...they are supposed to be trying to appease me with all this not make me crosser! She's back in work on Wednesday so will sort it with her then...hopefully. Until then it's me and my new BFF Power Plate. I am going to be vibrating so bad I won't be able to sit!

Got to go ... my cat seems to be throwing up in the corner, nice!


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