Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Diet Update

So I have the first of two consecutive Hen parties this weekend (my poor liver!) so I am being very good indeed. I think I may even be making peace with the low carb thing (would've killed for a potato a few days ago!).
So I made a really yummy dinner tonight which I think is my new favourite thing. Chicken (again.......) with roasted mixed peppers and red onion, all roasted with half a tin of chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs. I am trying to make sure I drink plenty of water and try and feel as best I can for my big night out on Saturday, especially as I bought a new dress today and want to feel good.
On the exercise front I may have been a wee bit too eager as it would appear after several days of badminton I seem to have shin splints which are really frickin sore! Think I need to be careful and not so over zealous.

Anyway, roll on Thursday and hopefully the scales will have some good news for me!

Wish me luck......xx


  1. Thanks for the support girlees! xx

  2. I find it really hard to get past all those cravings, lol. Best of luck with everything Emma!