Sunday, 11 July 2010

Peace & quiet and plans for the week

The weekend's shenanigans are all but over, my house is spotless and the husband is watching the football so I finally have some sshhhh time. I cant believe I'm saying this but I'm glad it's Monday tomorrow. I have lots of work to do and I can get back to my healthy eating and gyming again. If I can behave with my eating all week then I can relax at the weekend, because when there are drinkees then there follows bad food (usually of the fried variety), I cant help it!

I started last week trying to really step up with the healthy eating and exercising. I didn't do too badly considering I had 3 nights out, one of which involved a very nice dinner out. I lost 1.5 lbs which wasn't too bad but I intend to do much better this week.

I am following the principles of Slimming World but without attending the class. I have done it a few times before so I know how to do it and I know people tell how great the classes are but I can't always commit to a set class and am not paying for not going! As most of you know and for those who don't the main principles consist of Red or Green days (there is the Extra Easy too but this doesn't work as well for me). Red days are simply higher in protein with a small measured amount of carbs and Green days are higher in carbs with a small measured amount of protein. Of course (most) vegetables and fruit are unlimited and it is recommended that you fill up with these You can also have treats which I limit in the week as much as I can so that I can relax at the weekends. For me the Red days seem to work better for me; high protein low carb. Carbs are my enemy but I love them but reducing them does help shift my weight a little faster and really reduces bloating (that's such a lovely word).

Also, I will be aiming to be in the gym or at least using my Wii Fit 5 days a week. My husband has done a work out plan for me as he and his friend (a former Mr UK) do quite a bit of weight training. Between them they have lots of good advice and tips and tricks but I will tell you about these later in the week.

Thursday will be my Weigh Day (woo!) so I will share my progress with you and also some daily meal plans and any nifty wee recipes I think will be useful.

Wish me luck.....xx

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